If your washing machine stopped working recently, you are probably shopping around for a new model, and with this kind of shopping come questions, as the washer you are about to purchase will be around (we hope) for at least a decade. One the biggest questions you will have to ask yourself is if you want a front-loading washer or a top-loading machine, because pretty much all models of washing machines fall under one of these branches. Today’s article will focus on the pros and cons of each type of washer. Get in touch with Rosedale Service today if you need washer service in Chadds Ford.


Top-loading washer


The popularity of top-load washing machines is explainable by their affordable prices, which rarely go above 650$, except for high-efficiency models. The reason the latter are more expansive is because they consume a lot less energy while being bigger. Also, they are usually not equipped with an agitating drum in the middle. However, expect to pay above 600$ for a high efficiency model. That being said, know that top-load machines make more noise than front-loading machines and take more space, simply because they cannot be stacked on top of a drying machine. Finally, standard top-load machines use more water and energy than front-load models, but are easier to load and unload, as very little bending is required.



Front-loading washer


Front-loading washing machines make less noise, use up less energy and can be stacked on top of a dryer or under it. Moreover, articles of clothing are usually cleaner after coming out of a front-load machine. That being said, front-loading washing machines usually require high efficiency soap and can be pricier to buy upfront. However, their higher initial purchasing price does offer a nice return on investment, as the energy costs saved by a more efficient washing machine are interesting enough to consider making the purchase. Finally, front-load washers require people to bend over to take out the clothes, which can come as an inconvenience for some people.


Whether you are experiencing an issue with your top-load or your front-load washing machine, be sure to give Rosedale Service a call for prompt washing machine service in Chadds Ford.