A water heater is a very complex structure that can raise an eyebrow from time to time, as minor issues are likely to occur every once in a while. However, before you jump on the phone and call Rosedale Service, the best appliance servicer in Chadds Ford, read on to find some tips on how to remedy common problems that arise in water heaters. Be sure to give us a call if things get too out of hands.

Pilot Light Goes Out
This is probably a question of a technocouple part, which should be found at any home center for a few bucks. Be sure to check your model and serial number for specifics on the part number.
Weird Noises
This could be caused to the burning of leftover sediments in your heater. It is therefore important to perform preventive maintenance on your water heater from time to time. The heating element could also be deteriorating due to wear.
Water Heater Doesn’t Light
This is a delicate situation. If the heater is new, you should call the company from which you purchased it, as it will likely be covered by the warrantee and therefore free of charge. However, if you are dealing with an older model, be very careful as this can cause a gas leak in your house. If you are uncertain on how to remedy the situation, you should call a certified appliance technician to come look at the issue.
Water In Blower
This might be due to the blower sucking the condensation that is created by the evaporator. You might want to try to raise the temperature of your water heater, which may help the extra condensation evaporate. If that does not work, you should consider phoning a technician.
There are other issues that can arise in a water heater. If you are unsure about the way to go, it is better to get a tech to your house promptly to avoid ice cold showers or other unpleasant surprises. If you live in the Chadds Ford area, consider Rosedale Service for prompt and efficient water heater service. Be sure to give us a call or visit our website.