The evolution of washing machines has made our lives a lot easier. Not so long ago, we had to wash clothes using a scrubbing board, which took a lot of time. Fortunately, things have come a long way, and almost every household has a washer. However, when issues arise in our washing machine, things can become a little more complicated, which is why we want any problem resolved as quickly as possible. Before jumping on the phone to speak to a technician, try to fix the issue yourself. To help you do this, Rosedale Service, an appliance specialist in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, has detailed a couple of common issues that can arise in your machine.


Chlorine bleach dispenser is not working properly

Are you using the right dispenser? Check the label. DO NOT pour bleach directly onto clothes, as doing so will result in damaging the fabrics (color altering, clothes, etc.)


Water not emptying after rinse cycle

This can mean that the drain pipe is blocked. This can happen if you wash carpets filled with sand or rocks. You can either try to unblock the drain pipe or purchase a new one. If that does not solve the problem, you will have to call a repair specialist. Heavy entrance carpets should never be put into the washer.


Washing machine won’t start

Make sure the wire has not been pulled out of the socket. This can happen over time due to the washer jerking during cycles. If your washing machine is jerking a lot, you may be overloading it. Doing so can permanently damage your washer. Be sure to reduce the size of loads. If everything is in order, check the drain hose (behind the washer) and make sure it is installed in the drainpipe properly.


Should you need an washing machine expert in Chadds Ford, give a call to Rosedale Service. With a great team and lengthy experience, they will make sure everything is in order in your washer at a very fair price. Call them today for more information.