As a certified appliance company in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, Rosedale Service keeps a close eye on the development of new appliance technology, and because new pieces of home equipment come out every day, we need to make sure our customers have all the answers to the questions they might have about home appliances. Today’s article will focus on the wall oven, which can be a very interesting piece of technology to add to your kitchen.


As you have probably guessed, a wall oven refers to an oven which is built right into the wall. This is very convenient because it allows you to save precious space in your kitchen, which can be useful if the one in your house is small. Additionally, a wall oven can add an interesting look to your kitchen. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to wall ovens.


Cooking space

To begin, a wall oven is usually smaller than a standard kitchen oven, which can be a setback if you know you are used to cooking a lot of big dishes in there.


Type of wall oven

Are you going to choose a gas wall oven or an electrical wall oven? The former is usually more efficient while the latter tends to be more convenience.



New technology is always more expensive than technology that’s been around in a very long time, which means you can expect to pay at least 900$ for the most basic model of wall oven. However, they usually provide some kind of return on investment, because they use up less energy than standard ovens.


Additional costs

Installing the oven is something that needs to be considered, because you need to make sure it matches the rest of your kitchen, which can lead to extra expenses.


Should you have any question on wall ovens or regular stoves, be sure to give Rosedale Service a call today. You can also visit their website to find out more about the different services they offer. Finally, be sure to book an appointment today if you need oven service in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.