Your food storage unit is often among your most useful home appliances, and while they usually have the resilience to survive many years, trouble can arise every once in a while. Don’t jump on the phone if you notice a problem. Maybe it’s something you can solve on your own, saving you cash at the same time. To help do-it-yourselfers, Rosedale Service, an appliance service company in Chadds Ford, has outlined two common problems you may come across with your fridge or freezer.

Lots of frost in the freezer

The temperature should be between 0 and 5 degrees. Remove the ice, as it causes the machine to use more energy to attain desired temperature. To do so, simply take all your items out and place a large bowl filled with warm water. This will cause the ice to melt (about 30 minutes). Remove it afterwards. Once you’re done, check on the freezer door gasket to make sure it is sealing properly. An easy way to do this is by closing all lights and curtains in the kitchen and sticking a flashlight inside the freezer and shutting the door. If you see any light escaping from the freezer, it means your gasket is faulty. You should replace it. This can be done easily.

Refrigerator is very noisy
This is probably because of dirty condenser coils, which cause the fridge to overwork once they become dusty since their heat is not distributed correctly. Vacuum your coils. You can check your instruction manual for details. If cleaning your coils doesn’t work, you may be dealing with a more serious issue and will need professional assistance.

Finally, get someone over to your house right away if you notice that:

  • The fridge seems warmer than it should be;
  • The fridge is making hissing noises;
  • The fridge is leaking;
  • There is oil inside the freezer.

If you need any assistance with your fridge, get in touch with Rosedale Service today for prompt appliance service in Pennsylvania. They’ll make sure everything is up and running in no time.