You rely on your appliances every day. They make your life easier and make you save a lot of time. Therefore, you can’t imagine your daily life without them. However, one of your appliances(like your dishwasher) can break down and give you trouble. If the problem is minor, you might be able to find the solution. Though trying to repair your appliance yourself can be cheaper and faster than calling an appliance service repair company, sometimes you need the assistance of a professional and qualified technician, like those working for Rosedale Service. Attempting to repair your own appliances can also result in injury or electrocution. Should you decide to try to work it out on your own, here are a few safety tips to apply before you start working on your dishwasher. Remember that if you are not comfortable to do the repair, call a qualified technician to fix it.


First of all, stop the electricity that goes through your dishwasher. You can unplug the wire or shut off the main breaker in the electric panel. The second option is simpler since you won’t need to remove your dishwasher from under the counter. To make sure the power is really off, try to start the dishwasher.

Secondly, shut off the water. You should find a switch under the kitchen sink, where the dishwasher is connected. You are then ready to start working on your dishwasher problem.


When you finish repairing your dishwasher, turn the electricity back on and start an empty load. DON’T TOUCH anything. Only observe and listen while your dishwasher is running.


If you try to fix your dishwasher and either don’t find the problem or don’t know how to fix it, Rosedale Service is there for you! One of their certified dishwasher technicians will be glad to come over to your house to resolve any issue you might have. Call them to book an appointment.