Front loading washing machines are usually more efficient and use less water. They also have the advantage of taking up less room as they can be stacked on a dryer. However, front loading washers are equipped with a more complex technology, which can be harder to tend to when issues arise. This is why Rosedale Service, an appliance repair company in Chadds Ford has prepared the following tips to help you troubleshoot common problems with front loading washing machines. Do not hesitate to give Rosedale Service a call if more serious issues arise or if the problem you are experiencing is not listed below.


Water won’t drain

The only way to get your washer to drain if the drain does not work is to get the door to open. Inevitably, the water will spill on the floor so you should only try this if you have an actual drain spot on the floor. Pull the washing machine enough that you can easily pull out the drain hose from the wall behind the unit and then drop the drain hose on the floor. You should then be able to open the door. You can always try to use a bin if you don’t have a drain, but you might experience major water spillage that will likely destroy your floors. You should therefore resort to professional maintenance if your washer won’t drain.


The washing machine moves a lot

The washer may not be level. If you have already checked that and it is not the cause of the problem, you should make sure that the concrete weights and the shock absorbers are still in good condition. These parts connect the drum to the framework of the machine and can cause the washer to shake if they are not in place properly. Refer to your instruction manual.


Interrupted cycle

This is usually caused by a faulty part or component. The moment where the cycle stops will give you clues on the components in question. Refer to your instruction manual if necessary.


If you are unsure about the way to proceed, it is always best to get in touch with an appliance repair specialist like Rosedale Service. With kind and friendly service, they will get your front loading washer or any home appliance running in no time. You can also visit their website to see what type of services they offer.