Performing preventative maintenance on your appliances can greatly increase their lifespan in the long run. Taking care of your dryer only requires a few minutes every once in a while and thus should be done regularly. Rosedale Service has prepared a list to follow to perform preventative maintenance on your dryer. Do not hesitate to give them a call if you need an appliance repair company in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, or if you have any questions on your dryer or other home appliances.


Clean the lint filter trap

Every dryer is equipped with a dust filter that fills up quickly. You should remove the accumulated lint every time you use your dryer. The filter should also be cleaned thoroughly every once in a while. The area covered by the filter can also be cleaned at the same time.


Avoid overloading your dryer

In time, putting too many clothes in can damage to the drums. Drying will also be longer and more energy-consuming. Moreover, clothes will tend to blend together instead of separating if the dryer is overloaded. Reducing the size of your loads is an
Optimal air flow

Dust can eventually accumulate in the exhaust vent. Check it every six months to make sure the air is flowing properly. A blocked exhaust vent can lead to problems with your dryer.
Door gasket

A broken or cracked door gasket will result in the door not closing completely. This can cause the dryer to overheat. Quickly inspect the door gasket every once in a while. Make sure your door is always sealing properly.


Following this list will help you to increase the useful life of your dryer. That being said, should a more serious issue come up in your dryer (or any other home appliance for that matter), be sure to give Rosedale Service a call for quick appliance service in Chadds Ford.