While this may seem like a very weird title, it is neither a typo nor a mistake. It actually refers to a small washing machine and drying machine. Over the years, trends in different fields are usually on making objects smaller. Whether you think of flat screens replacing those old enormous cathodic televisions or mp3 players sending Discmans into oblivion, technology is getting smaller by the day, and the field of home appliances is the same. Rosedale Service, an appliance specialist in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, is giving you more information on what will soon become an extremely popular product.


As we mentioned, a portable washer is basically a super small washer. It uses ten times less water than standard models of washing machines. This, however, does come at a cost, as it can’t contain more than 5 pounds of clothes (we’re talking about 8 dress shirts, 2 or 3 pair of pants or 10 regular shirts). Moreover, users have to drain the water out and stretch their clothes out, as the machine is very compact and will squeeze everything together.


As for the portable dryer, the stats are even more overwhelming: it can be 100 times more energy efficient than a regular drying machine. It also dries clothes a lot faster than your conventional model, spinning as fast as 8 times faster.


The best aspect of these wonders of technology is actually their price, because if you shop around, buying both machines will only set you back as low as 200$. Be sure to research online for more information or where to purchase them.


If you have any question about this or if any of your home appliances is giving you trouble, be sure to contact Rosedale Service for top end appliance repair in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. They will make sure any issue you have is remedied quickly. You can also visit their website to find out more about the different services they offer or to book an appointment for preventative maintenance on your appliances.