As a certified refrigerator servicer in Chadds Ford, our team here at Rosedale Service gets this question from time to time, which is why we want to take the time to address this specific issue. As you may know, we’ve written about troubleshooting common issues in refrigerators before, but since a refrigerator that stops cooling properly can have a number of reasons, we want to give you a head start. Be sure to give us a call if things get out of hand.



The condenser fan motor stopped working


There are different fans in a refrigerator, and one is located in the condenser and its purpose is to send air through the condenser coils. If it stops working, the result will be that the refrigerator will not be able to cool normally. To fix this, take a look at the fan and make sure it hasn’t become blocked with debris. Try to move it by hand without forcing it. If it’s not turning, you should replace it. If it seems to be working fine, it may be that it has become too old and needs to be replaced since power is no longer reaching it.


The thermostat is unresponsive or badly adjusted


Start by turning the temperature to “coolest” (the lowest temperature possible) and and see if anything seems to be changing. If nothing seems to happen after a few hours, it is probably defective. Refer to your instruction manual for additional information on how to adjust the temperature on your fridge or replace the temperature control system.


The compressor is faulty


If the condenser is broken down, the refrigerant can’t circulate, and thus, he unit can’t cool properly. However, it is unlikely that the compressor will suddenly stop working. Make sure you check out other parts before investing to replace a fridge condenser (yes, it’s expensive), as other parts in your refrigerator tend to fail more quickly.


If you run into an uncommon issue on your refrigerator and are unable to solve the problem yourself, be sure to give us a call at Rosedale Service for prompt refrigerator servicing in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.