Most home appliances are very costly, which is why we want our investment to last for a very long time. The good news is that Rosedale Service, an appliance specialist in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania has prepared a couple of tricks to keep you dryer in an optimal condition for a very long time. Be sure to call us up if you have any trouble with your dryer, as our technicians are certified to repair the most common brands of drying machines.

Make sure to clear that dust
After every load is done, make sure you clean the dust that has accumulated in the lint trap. You should also take the lint trap out and soak it in soapy hot water every once in a while to clean it completely. You can also clean the holder, because dust may have accumulated there. You should also take the time to vacuum your exhaust vent every few months to avoid dust accumulation, which can cause to machine to overheat.
Make sure your loads are neither too small nor too large
If you make loads that have very little clothes, you will generate a lot of excess heat, which can cause unnecessary wear on your machine, while overloading your machine will have the opposite effect. Stick to the recommendations of your instruction manual.
Avoid closing the door too aggressively
When you’re done with your dryer, make sure you close the door gently. Failure to do so can damage the gasket and lead to a loss of heat, which not only makes the dryer work harder for nothing, but also can spike your utility bills.
These tips are a good start if you want to maintain your dryer in good shape. You should also perform a more extensive preventative maintenance on your dryer, but also on your other home appliances every once in a while. Be sure to give to give Rosedale Service a call if you have any question regarding your drying machine or if you need drying machine service in Pennsylvania or Delaware.