There are few things more satisfying than opening up your drying machine right after a load to find the clothes warm and smelling wonderful. However, over time, your washing machine and your drying machine can stop working optimally, thus affecting your clothes altogether. To help you prevent this, our appliance repair company in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, has outlined a couple of tips you can follow to optimize your appliances.

Avoid disposable dryer sheets
While this may come as a surprise, dryer sheets have a bad effect on clothes, especially your towels, reducing their absorptive power. Why not do the environment and your wallet a favor and get a reusable dryer sheet (or ball) that will work wonders for a long time.
Read labels
This is dead obvious, but yet, uncounted people fail to follow the instructions on clothes’ labels properly. This results in improper washing at best and fabric wear at worst. The labels include washing and drying instructions as well as specific rules to wash each piece of clothing. Those guidelines should be followed as closely as possible, especially when it comes to temperature.
Use some tricks!
There are a few hacks you can use to optimize the washing cycle of your clothes. Add a teaspoon of salt to preserve colors at their best and keep your whites from fading. When washing black clothes, turn them inside out. This will prevent them from fading.
Wash your appliances
Emptying the lint trap after each cycle should quickly become the habit of any person who owns a drying machine, but you should also get into the habit of washing your appliances more thoroughly from time to time, as soap or dust can get stuck on the walls, thus reducing the efficiency of your appliances. Also, preventative maintenance will definitely help in lengthening your appliances’ useful life.
If you encounter an issue with your washer, your dryer, or any other home appliance, be sure to get in touch with us today here at Rosedale Service. With prompt appliance service in Chadds Ford, we’ll get your appliance up and running in no time.