When we finish cooking, we often shut the oven door and forget all about the spills and splatter left behind. When was the last time you really cleaned your oven, like thoroughly cleaned it? We put off the cleaning for weeks and even months and we tend to clean our ovenso rarely that by the time we decide to do it, it’s a mess! If your oven offers the self-cleaning function, you might not even use it and be skeptical because very often, it doesn’t clean as well as it should. It takes hours, uses a lot of energy and once it’s over, you still have to dust it out. Ovens are known to be difficult to clean, so read on for great tips!


You’ll get the best results using an oven spray-cleaner. The smell is unbearable; however you will be able to do a thorough cleaning. It’s the most efficient cleaning method although it is not the most enjoyable one. You’ll need spray cleaner, a sponge and rubber gloves! The best trick is to spray the inside of the oven either the night or a few hours before cleaning it. The chemicals will have time to act. Then all you will have to do is wipe it off with a sponge.


We recommend doing it frequently because stains and grease won’t be as hard to remove if you do it on a regular basis. Here are a few cleaning tips to keep your oven cleaner and avoid cleaning it as frequently.


  • If you spill something or something leaks inside, clean it right away. You will get better results if you let the oven cool down for about an hour and wipe it off later. The stain won’t have time to get hard.
  • If you can see greasy spots or splatters on the walls, wipe them out! They are easy to remove if they haven’t hardened up.
  • Put an aluminum plate that can be replaced once in a while at the bottom.
  • Clean it often!


These few tips should help. The best habit is to clean any spills and splatters right away. Obviously, if your oven is broken, one of our certified appliance repair technicians can definitely help. Rosedale Service is the #1 appliance repair service company in your local area. Call us to make an appointment.