As you can probably guess, a washing machine that shakes and tilts around is not really good for the life expectancy of the appliance, and because there are many reasons that can cause such a behavior in your washer, it’s important to understand the underlying problem that causes your washer to act like it’s trying to make a milkshake out of your clothes. To help you get to the core of the problem, our appliance repair company in Chadds Ford has prepared a short list of reasons that can explain why your washing machine is moving a lot during cycles.


The springs are faulty

A washing machine is equipped with many different parts that help to stabilize it during cycles. Specifically, the springs help to limit movements of the machine when it is working. However, if they stopped doing their job by becoming damaged or loosened, you might be hearing a lot of noise. You should replace damaged springs as soon as possible. Refer to your instruction manual to find out how to replace the springs on your specific model.


The legs are not leveled correctly

This is among the most common causes of a shaking washer. Over time, the legs of your machine might have become unevenly aligned with the floor. Make sure to adjust them if you notice any difference. Also, make sure that none of the legs are damaged.


The shock absorber is worn out

When you do a very heavy load combined with a high spin during a cycle, the shock absorber is what prevents the machine from shaking too much. However, when it stops working properly, you will notice that your machine is shaking more and more every time you do a load. It is also possible that soapy water has leaked and has caused the shock absorber to malfunction. A damaged shock absorber will have to be replaced promptly.


As you can see, there are multiple possible causes behind a shaking washer, and if you can’t seem to figure out the problem yourself, you need to give a call to the professionals. For prompt washing machine service in Chadds Ford, give us a call at Rosedale Service.