An induction stove is a nice addition to your kitchen and is becoming more popular every day. However, you may have noticed that the old pan you used to cook all the time may not work anymore. This is because induction cooktops require specific equipment to function in an optimal manner. Have you ever tried cooking something to no avail? That’s exactly why. If you are fortunate enough to have such an appliance, read on to find more information about the equipment that works best for this type of appliance. This article has been prepared by the best appliance servicer in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania: Rosedale Service. Be sure to give us a ring if you have any question.

First and foremost, be aware that induction stoves work with electromagnetism process to generate heat in the pans and pots that are cooking your food. This means that nonmagnetic items will not work well. Concretely, you should avoid using stainless steel and aluminum cooking tools as wells as pots made of copper. This is because they don’t generate enough electric resistance to result in heat sufficient enough to cook your food.
Thus, to insure the best cooking you can get out of your induction stovetop, go for iron pans. They really are the best for your induction stove. Moreover, you need to make sure that these pans are flat-bottomed and that at least 66% of the bottom touches the surface if you want it to work properly. In this case, size doesn’t matter, and even if the whole surface isn’t covered, the technology will work its wonders just the same.
Because the popularity of induction cooking is still on the rise, there is bound to be more and more information made available on this technology. However, it is normal to have a few left over questions. If you run into any issue with your induction cooktop, be sure to ring Rosedale Service for prompt and professional appliance service in Chadds Ford or Delaware. We will make sure any issue you have with your kitchen appliances is resolved quickly and at a fair price. You can also get in touch with us for preventative maintenance on your home appliances.