The advancement of technology in the field of appliances is something that amazes us every day. Indeed, new and exciting equipment becomes available every day. When you eventually need help with all your new appliances, you need to make sure you can rely on the best appliance service out there. This is why Rosedale Service is always on top of new appliances, because this is what being the best appliance servicer in Chadds FordPennsylvania entails. Read today’s article to find out more about one new article of appliance technology: the closet washer.


While the name may sound a bit weird, the closet washing machine is a pretty amazing piece of equipment. It is not simply a washing machine that is installed inside a closet, which can actually be seen in some household designs. A closet washer is actually a portable, small washer that you set up directly on a piece of clothing hanging off a hanger! This is very useful when you really want to wear a specific article of clothing for a special occasion, notice a stain on it, but don’t have enough dirty clothes to start a full load. With a closet washing machine, all you have to do is set the machine up on the article of clothing in question and start the cycle. You can also start that cycle remotely with a smartphone app! A closet washing machine also uses up a lot less water.


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