Monthly air filter cleaning


In order to avoid any complications, it is better to give the air filter a monthly cleaning. Most AC models usually have the air filter beneath the front panel, and it is relatively easy to access. Once it is removed, you can clean it gently with dish soap and warm water. It is important to let it air dry completely before reattaching it. You should try to get this cleaning done every month during the season where the ACworks the hardest. If you have pets, you may have to clean it more frequently.

If you notice that the filter is damaged, a replacement will be required.


Checking for insects


If the air conditioning unit is uncovered, it is the perfect nesting ground for insects. If there are wasp or bee nests inside the AC unit, you can then check if the insects are present. If they are, you will have to contact a pest control service. If the nest is empty, you can simply clean it out yourself or contact an appliance repair specialist.

To avoid any complications, you can cover up the unit when it is out of use.


Cleaning the condenser coils


Once per season, it is important to clean the condenser coils. If dust and dirt aren’t cleaned out, the AC unit has to work harder to remove heat.

In order to access the coils, remove the AC‘s cabinet. You can then blow compressed air at the coils. You have to be as delicate as possible because they bend very easily. You can also clean the bottom of the unit if there is some dirt or lint that has accumulated.


Cleaning the water pan


Cleaning the water pan is one of the most important things you can do in order to prevent mold growth in your home. When you take apart the unit to clean the coilsclean out the base of the unit and the pan as well using warm water and dish detergent (or white vinegar).


Any concern that cannot be addressed should be brought to a professional technician. If you are having a problem with your AC unit, call Rosedale Service for prompt, professional appliance repair service in Pennsylvania.