Most freezers are actually built to be dependable, so when an issue arises, it is hard to notice it at first. But then, you see that some items are actually frozen solid while others are warmer. Most people will just decide to not act upon that little weird fact and just hope that the situation resolves itself. The truth is that you should do something about that, because it might something more serious. To help you get started, Rosedale Service, an appliance technician in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, is providing you with a couple of tips.

Frost Buildup? 
Did you know that snow eventually builds up along the inside walls? That can block your coils, thus preventing the freezer from performing its regular duties. You might want to consider a manual defrost, which is easy, but a bit messy to do.
Check The Evaporator Fan
Make sure that fan is blowing air inside the freezer, as air needs to move around to keep a constant temperature all around. If your freezer is overloaded, that might cause problems with air circulation. Make sure you leave a few inches at the back and top.
Check The Compressor
If the compressor is turned on, you should hear a light hum going on. If you don’t hear it, then you got another, more serious problem going on and you should call a technician.
Make sure that your unit is not becoming too warm due to damaged door seals. Feel for cold air along the edges when the door is closed. There shouldn’t be any. Also, extreme summer conditions may make your unit warmer. Finally, if you haven’t cleaned your freezer in years, it’s probably time to check out those old coils and give them a good clean.
There are other, more serious issues that can arise in a freezer. If you are unsure about the way to go, it is best to give a phone call to a certified appliance technician, who will be able to pinpoint exactly what the problem is. If you live in Chadds Ford, be sure to give a call to Rosedale Service for appliance service.