The purpose of this article is not to create fears in our readers, but rather to make them aware of the extra precautions they should be taking when using home equipment that is more likely to spark a fire in their house. Therefore, Rosedale Service, an appliance specialist in Chadds Ford, has taken the time to outline these precautions. Do not hesitate to ring us up if questions arise throughout your reading.

It is safe to say that, as a general rule, larger appliances have a higher risk of causing a fire by failing. This is because they usually generate more heat than smaller appliances. For instance, it takes a lot more energy to keep your food cool in a refrigerator than to heat up a bowl of soup in your tiny microwave.
Statistics found in Which say that the biggest culprit for causing home fires are washers, believe it or not. Washing machines are closely followed by tumble drying machines and dishwashers People tend to think that ovens and stoves are the appliance that is most likely to cause a fire. However, their potential danger is undermined by the fact that people tend to be very careful when using these, because they know that a fire could result from misusage or negligence. However, these three appliances seem pretty innocent in comparison. However, an electrical overload or debris catching fire can quickly become an issue. This is why you need to keep your appliances clean, especially your dryer.
That being said, know that these issues really seldom occur, because home appliances are triple-checked for safety before being sent on the market. Any faulty equipment is immediately destroyed.
Even so, you need to make sure that your home is a safe environment for the appliances you want to use. For example, make sure all your power outlets are compatible with the equipment you are using. Also, avoid plugging all of your equipment in the same outlets, as this will likely cause a breaker to trip or a fuse to blow. Finally, make sure you perform preventive maintenance on your home appliances from time to time.
Should you have any question regarding appliance safety or if you are in need of appliance service in Pennsylvania or Delaware, make sure you get in touch with Rosedale Service right away, as we will ensure all of your appliances are safe and running properly.2017