You just decided you want to open a restaurant. That’s amazing! Among the top things you’ll need when starting a restaurant, an icemaker should be near the top of your list, especially if you’re going to be serving drinks. However, since there are many models you can choose from, it is best to know where you’re headed. To help you do this, Rosedale Service, an appliance specialist in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, has outlined the main ice machines models you can purchase.

Modular Ice Machines Heads

This is pretty much a fancy name to refer to an ice maker that is placed on top of, say, an ice dispenser in a soda machine. This model will not have much room to keep its content, so it will dump it into the ice dispenser. This is a pretty popular model because it can be accessed easily for repairs or replacement, and what they lack in storage capacity, they make up in ice production. They’ll get you a lot of ice, and fast.

Under Counter Ice Machines

If you want to keep it simple and save space, you should seriously consider the undercounter ice maker, because it has everything you need in one unit. Moreover, its design will allow it to be hidden away under your bar or counter. As we said, they also do not require a lot of space. A minor setback of the undercounter ice machine is that it doesn’t have the ability to produce and store bulk amounts of ice, which means you might run out if you’re having a really busy day.


One-piece Ice Maker And Dispenser

Just like the under counter ice machine, this type of ice-maker has all its essential components in one place. Not only will this model produce lots of ice, it is also equipped with room to store it and to dispense it. It comes with a lever, which allows you to instantly dispense ice into containers and not be dependent on another machine to do so.


If you have any question regarding ice machines or if you need ice maker service in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, be sure to give Rosedale Services a call.