Have you ever notice that white appliances turn yellow? Over the years, the white plastic parts of your appliances changed color because of the exposal to light, oils, etc. If you clean them on a regular basis, your appliances will stay white longer, but you can’t avoid them to turn yellow someday. There is a few tips that can be helpful if you want to whiten the plastic that turned yellow on your appliances. You should be careful since it can be tricky to remove the yellow color on your appliances. Bleach is an effective color remover, but it may damage the plastic after several cleaning. Here are a few tips:


 Mix of water and bleach or comet 

This mix is very efficient for removable parts of your appliances. Prepare the mix in the kitchen sink or bathtub, if the parts are big. Soak them until the yellow have disappear. Then, rinse and clean the partswith soap.

 Sanding method

This technique should be used for plastic parts that are attached to your appliances. With thin and fine sandpaper, gently remove the top layer of the plastic that have turned yellow. Your appliances will look like new and will be whiter!


These tips might don’t work on very old appliances. Yellow parts are only affecting the appearance of the appliances. Therefore, your appliances can still be good to run for few other years. If you want to have more tricks to remove the yellow on your appliances, give us a call! The team of Rosedale Services, an appliance repair service in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, is qualified to help you find a solution! Book an appointment today!