Have you noticed that your dryer is not doing what it should? Are your clothes still damp after a cycle? Figuring out how to repair your dryer can be tricky. Bearing this in mind, Rosedale Service, a Chadds Fordappliance repair company, has prepared the following article, which has two goals:

  1. Explaining how a dryer works;
  2. Providing useful tips prior to calling an appliance repair company.

dryer is made of a large empty drum that is used to dry laundry. This drum is powered by belts connected to a motor. When you start your dryer, the motor starts to turn, resulting in the same process in the drum. When your dryer is running, clothes stick to the edges until they reach the highest position of the cylinder, then fall down before going up again. This mechanism is what enables separation of the different pieces of clothing. A gas heater or an electric heating element heats the air as it is blown through the perforations in the drum and on the clothes.

Many problems occur because lint accumulates in different places during every cycle.  Lint comes off fabrics and is collected in a lint trap or filter. This trap should be emptied after every cycle and cleaned thoroughly fairly regularly. The dryer vent hose is also another place where lint tends to fall a lot. The exhaust vent tube should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months by pulling the dryer away from the wall, disconnecting the vent hose, and making sure that the hose is free and clear of lint. Vacuum it.

If you can reach the dryer vent outside your house, clean it at the same time as your exhaust vent.

Temperatures inside a dryer often rise very high. For this reason, every dryer is equipped with a safety latch that prevents the dryer from working if the door is not completely closed. That being said, the door hinges could be damaged, resulting in overheating your dryer.

Another common mistake is to put too much clothes in the dryer.  In doing so, you are wearing your dryerdown more quickly, as it has to use more power to dry a bigger amount of clothes. This can also result in overheating.

Any concern that cannot be addressed should be brought to a professional technician. If you are having a problem with your dryer, call Rosedale Service for prompt, professional appliance repair service inPennsylvania.