You may like the idea of an undercounter refrigerator to store food outside of your kitchen. They are actually designed to blend perfectly in a living room, a basement, etc. They are very convenient when you have guests over for a small party. They can also be a good solution if you feel like your kitchen fridge is overflowing with food. To tell you more about this amazing fridge, Rosedale Service, an appliance repair company in Chadds Ford, has prepared the following article. Be sure to give them a call if you have any question.


It’s interesting to note that depending on the unit you decide to buy, it can be just as efficient as a conventional refrigerator. Undercounter refrigerators are often compared to wine cooling units. However, the latter serves a specific purpose while the former is more versatile. Of course, that’s unless you are a wine connoisseur? In that case, an undercounter wine cooling unit will probably suit your needs better.

Some undercounter refrigerators are specifically designed for cocktail parties, as they feature an integrated ice-making machine, which is perfect for those warm and delightful summer nights spent with friends!

The difference between a small refrigerator and an undercounter refrigerator lies in the space available and the price. Indeed, while a small refrigerator is a cost-effective option that you will be able to fit in any room of your house, they also lack the space that undercounter refrigerators provide. Furthermore, undercounter units are more likely to last longer.

Hope this was helpful. With summer just around the corner, investing in an undercounter refrigerator may be an interesting idea to consider. If you have any question regarding undercounter refrigerators or if you need a fridge technician in Chadds Ford, be sure to call Rosedale Service today. With kind personnel and amazing customer service, they will make sure any issue you have with home appliances is resolved quickly.