Here at Rosedale Service, we’re all about appliance technology, yet it continues to impress us every day. As we approach the second decade of the 21st¬†century, interesting add-ons are becoming available on new refrigerator models. In today’s article, we’ll focus on a couple of these fascinating features. We specialize in refrigerator service in Chadds Ford. Be sure to give Rosedale Service a call if you need help with anything.


Here are a couple unique refrigerator features worth mentioning.


Water dispenser with measurer


While a water dispensing unit is found on most refrigerators nowadays, one that measures the precise amount you want is quite a stunt. General Electric has come up with a model that allows you to dictate how much water you want. The model can also detect the size of the cup you put under the dispenser and pour out the exact amount of water to fill it up without causing any spill.


Interchangeable refrigerator and freezer


One of Frigidaire’s new models allows you to decide which part of your unit will be a freezer and which one will be a refrigerator and change it at will. For instance, if you just stacked up on frozen organic meat for a month, the top part that usually serves as a freezer might not be enough to hold it all. Simply adjust the temperature of your unit accordingly.


Fresh herbs compartment


One of KitchenAid’s French door models is equipped with compartments that are made specifically for storing fresh herbs. The floors are slightly tilted to allow you to put some water at the back, allowing you to extend the freshness of the herbs you purchase.


Fast drink chiller


Ever dreamed of having a reversed microwave or a device that cools down drinks to nearly freezing point in a matter of minutes? With LG’s blast chiller feature, this is now feasible. Enjoy an ice-cold brew in exchange for extra noise for a few minutes.



The good news for us is that these amazing features is only the beginning. Believe it or not, you can find refrigerating units with built-in speakers!


That being said, even the best technology can fail at some point. If you have any issue with your fridge, whether old or new, be sure to give us a call here at Rosedale Service for fast refrigerator service in Chadds Ford.