With the development of technology, a great number of refrigerators have become accessible, in accordance with your style and needs. Rosedale Service, an appliance repair company in Chadds Ford Pennsylvania, is used to repairing many styles of refrigerators everyday. Rosedale Service makes a specialty of home appliance service and has briefly explained the wide-spread kinds of refrigerators to be found.




Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Side-by-Side refrigerators are crafted with the refrigerator and freezer storage compartments alongside each other, both taking up the full length of the refrigerator. Both of these are also opened from a door in the middle of the refrigerator. This form of refrigerator is great for a tight kitchen, even if it means sacrificing some room in the fridge. Larger food items like frozen pizzas might not fit horizontally in this kind of refrigerator. This product is typically a bit more expensive than basic Stacked Refrigerator and Freezer models.


French Door Style Refrigerators

Coupling side-by-side style with a bottom freezer, French Door fridges offer the best of both worlds, because they include wide racks in each portions. A large number of types include water and ice dispensers. These kinds of added advantages have a price, which is why French Door fridges are one of the most high-priced devices obtainable.


Stacked Refrigerator and Freezer

These two types are the largely adopted refrigerators. They actually have plenty of place to stock up food, and the freezer area makes up roughly one third of the unit’s length and width. The name is quite explicit: the freezer will be on the top or on the bottom level of the refrigerator depending on the kind you choose. Those two varieties of fridges are cheaper than other variants, even though Bottom-Freezer fridges are slightly pricier than the Top-Freezer equivalents, and the freezer opens similar to a drawer instead of a door.


Even if all kinds of other models exist, the three units mentioned above are the major ones you are likely to run across. Should you have almost any query regarding different models of refrigerators or in case you must service your freezer or fridge, along with any other home device, by all means give Rosedale Service a call when you need a refrigerator expert in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, as this company is able to service the majority of refrigerator models.