As a factory-certified Whirlpool specialist in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, Rosedale Service is well aware of the new gadgets and products the company releases. When it comes to home appliances, we always make sure we can get out there and check out the products to summarize how they work for our clients and readers. Today, we want to talk about Whirlpool’s hybrid heat pump dryer. Give us a call if you need assistance with any of your home appliances.

After introducing the first Energy Star electric dryer, Whirlpool is back at it again, this time with a hybrid heat pump dryer. This fascinating technology uses sensors to avoid overspending energy, as opposed to standard dryers that blow tons of hot air, sometimes uselessly, costing you tons of additional dollars on utility bills.
The Whirlpool HybridCare technology is actually ventless, which not only means that it is easier to install, it also means that it is equipped with sensors to manage the amount of air that is blown, but also the temperature at which that air will be heated.
There are also different modes that can be used depending on your specific needs. For example, you can opt for the ?speed mode” if you need to do a lot of loads during the same day. That will help you save time. If your focus is rather to save energy, go for the ?eco mode”, which will optimize energy usage and prevent wastes. Finally, if you want the best of both worlds, simply go for the ?balance mode”, which ups the performance of the ?eco mode” without using as much energy as the ?speed mode”.
Be sure to check out Whirlpool’s website to find out more about this brand new technology. If you happen to be an owner of this appliance and you find it has been running faulty, be sure to give a call to Rosedale Service today for dryer service in Chadds Ford. We will make sure your problem is fixed without delay and at a reasonable price.