If you have a big household, chances are that you are the owner of a dishwasher or that you sigh every day at the amount of dishes to do after a meal. A dishwasher saves a lot of time, and is therefore often highly solicited. Because of this, issues tend to rise every once in a while. Of course, issues are more common than others, and Rosedale Service, a dishwasher specialist in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, has prepared a short list of common simple dishwasher issues and how to resolve them.


Dishes Don’t Come Out Clean

Ever noticed some white stains on your plates after a load in the dishwasher? This may be caused by what we call “hard water”, which can be common, especially if you happen to be living in the country. Another main cause of this is that the water is not hot enough to completely clean your plates. You can also check if your soap is efficient enough to give your dishes a good clean. Finally, do make sure that no physical object obstructs the spray arms. The water you are using might be too hard. This might be the case if you live in the country side. If your water is too hard, you might notice some white stains on your plates. Secondly, the water might not be hot enough to thoroughly clean the dishes.


Dishwasher Does Not Start

Other than the obvious “make sure it’s plugged in”, you should also verify that the door is shut properly. You should hear a clicking sound when it’s ready to start. You should also insure that your switch is not defective. When in doubt, open your door and shut it again.


The Water Doesn’t Drain After a Cycle

If you do not rinse your plates prior to putting them in your dishwasher, food can quickly accumulate in your appliance and prevent the normal flow of water. Make sure that the drain has not become blocked by debris of any type. Finally, if you notice that your motor does not seem to be working properly, you should call a dishwasher technician right away.


The good news is that if you are in need of an appliance servicer in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, you can call up Rosedale Service today for fast and efficient service. Also make sure to check out their website to find out more about the different services they offer.