The beginning of the summer also come with the season of moving. You will see many truck parks cross the street and people going up and down an apartment with boxes and furniture. And will come the time to move the appliances. They are heavy and big and without a good technique, they are difficult to move. A refrigerator it’s probably the most difficult appliance to move. It needs to be well prepared and carried with precaution. Here are a few tips to ensure an easy moving:



Empty it contain: the week before moving time, don’t buy too much perishable food. You should have just enough food for the days remaining before moving. You can use a cooler to move the food you have left but only if your new place is not too far. Use frozen foods as an icepack to help keeping your perishable food fresh. That will help during holding time and transport.


Defrost the freezer: The day before moving, unplug the refrigerator. The freezer will defrost during the night. That will avoid leakage during the moving. That will also reduce the weight of the refrigerator. It can be the opportunity to clean the freezer.


Remove the shelves: To avoid damage during moving, remove the shelves and other loose compartments. To move the shelves, wrap them in a blankets or towels. They should be transported individually.


Doors and cord: Tape the doors and power cord to facilitate the movement of the fridge. You will reduce the chance of accidents during moving time. For the doors, you can tape them or tie them with a rope.


Use the proper equipment: Two persons are required to move a refrigerator. A dolly should be used to facilitate the lifting of the refrigerator. It will be easier for the persons since the weight will be distributed evenly.


With these tips, you should be able to move your refrigerator safely. Well prepare your fridge and use the right equipment will facilitate the moving. The refrigerator should also be place in vertical position in transport because of the coolant inside. Don’t plug it right away at your new place. Wait a few hours to avoid damage. If you have questions, give us a call.Rosedale Service is the reference in appliance repair service. You can always count on our professional appliance repair technicians!