Did your cake not rise? Did you almost break a tooth taking a bite of that cookie?

Ok, now the oven’s not even turning on. Why?


If any of these problems apply to you, it means that your electric oven is damaged and you will have to repair it. Rosedale Service, an appliance repair specialist in Chadds Ford, has provided the following common problems and solutions to help you fix your oven yourself before turning to an appliance repair company.

Problems in electric ovens are often caused by a defective element or a damaged wire. These parts are not really expensive to change and you might be able to do it yourself.



An oven has a broil element on top and a baking element at the bottom. You can easily see if one of them is not working by turning on the oven and checking if they turn red. If they don’t, they are damaged and will need to be changed. Refer to your instruction manual.



If the breaker always trips, it’s probably because the oven is causing an overflow on the electric circuit. Check the wire to see if it’s still in good condition. If it is, try moving nearby appliances to a different socket to avoid overloading the circuit. If this does not solve the problem, you will need the help of an electrician to verify the electric circuit.



As mentioned above, the oven wire can be damaged over time. Check if the wire is cracked or burnt. You should replace a damaged wire immediately to avoid a fire.



If you are not able to cook a dish despite following the instructions, you might have a temperature problem. Do a simple test with an oven thermometer to record the temperature of your oven when it’s running. If the temperature is not accurate, you will need to adjust the oven thermostat. Refer to your instruction manual.


These are the most common problems you will encounter with your oven. If nothing above helped you repair your oven, you will need to call your appliance repair specialist in Chadds Ford. Give Rosedale Service, a Pennsylvania appliance repair specialist in a call. This company offers prompt and very professional service. They will get your oven (or any other home appliance) up and running in no time. Book an appointment today!