As 2017 looms around the corner, a lot of house owners are thinking about renovating their kitchen, and the booming of induction appliances reflects how popular this type of appliance is becoming. Specifically, the popularity of induction stoves is partly due to the fact that they are extremely efficient while being safe. That being said, as options are increasing, so are the things to consider before purchasing an induction stovetop.


This is why our appliance servicing company in Chadds Ford has outlined a few aspects you need to bear in mind when you decide you want to install an induction stovetop in the kitchen.


Like with every other renovation project, you first need to establish the budget you are willing to dedicate to your new stovetop. This will underline your flexibility and all the other criteria below. Know that prices, quality, and features of induction stovetops vary greatly and that there is no set price.


Once you’ve taken a look at your wallet, you need to take a look at the dimensions of your kitchen, because there are different sizes of induction stovetops available on the market and you need to know what your kitchen can hold or you’ll probably be in for a nasty surprise and a hefty renovation bill?


After you’re done with the technicalities, you can jump to the exciting part: the features of your stovetop. First, decide on the type of induction you want. Know that you can choose between standard induction cooking circles or full zone induction cooking. The latter means that you can cook anywhere on the surface of your stove and are not limited to designated cooking spaces. Additionally, shop around for different features such as “grill”, “keep warm” or “melt”. Some higher-end models can also have additional and exclusive features. As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of possibilities.


While choosing the right induction stovetop is an exciting process, repairing it is pretty annoying, which is why it’s best to rely on the expertise of Rosedale Service for any appliance service you may require in Chadds Ford. Get in touch today to book an appointment.