Does it seem like everything you cook in the oven somehow doesn’t come out right? Are your dishes always either burning or not cooked enough? If it’s the case, the temperature of your oven may need to be adjusted. This can be done quite simply, and you will learn how in this post provided by Rosedale Service, an appliance repair specialist in Chadds Ford. This method is usually pretty efficient if you lost your instruction manual. Call them if you have any issue with your oven.


The first thing to do is to check if your temperature really is off. To do this, simply purchase an oven thermometer. These are relatively easy to find and only cost around 10$. Once you have it, place it on the center rack of your oven and bring the temperature to 350 degrees.

Once the oven tells you the temperature has been reached, leave it for about 15 minutes and write down the temperature on your oven. Wait another 5 minutes and check it again. Wait 5 minutes for a third time, writing down the result afterward. Calculate the average temperature. If the thermometer reads between 340 and 360 degrees, than your oven temperature is fine.

Temperatures outside that interval indicate that something is wrong with your oven temperature. Leave your oven on and pull it carefully so you can get behind it. You should see a small knob. Pull firmly to pull it out to access the degree markings. Adjust the gauge so that it matches the temperature reading of the thermometer. Perform another test. If the problem is still unresolved, you will need assistance from an oven technician. Remember that complete accuracy is close to impossible, but having a colder oven is better, since you can always leave your food in for longer if it is undercooked, but you can’t reverse the process if it is overcooked.

If you need more help with oven temperature issues, be sure to get in touch with Rosedale Service for amazing oven service in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Rosedale’s highly qualified technicians are always ready to help out and make sure all your appliances are working properly. You can also visit their website to find out more.