Over the last few years, front-load washers have become more popular than ever. This is because they are usually more energy-efficient as well as requiring less soap to work properly. However, as a front-load washing machine owner, you might have run across a few issues such as bad smells or white clothes that aren’t bleached properly. To help you make sure your washing machine is running as well as it should, our appliance repair company in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, has put together a couple of reminders. Get in touch with us if you have any question.


First, make sure you always use High Efficiency soap with front-load washing machines. This is because regular soaps tend to create a lot of foam, which can get stuck in the door gasket and create foul smells over time. It can also cause premature wear on your machine.


Also, every time you finish washing a load, make sure you leave the door slightly open so that humidity doesn’t have a chance to accumulate in your machine and facilitate the development of bacteria.


Additionally, you can also purchase cleaning capsules and run a long, hot water cycle on your washing machine without putting any clothes in. Notice that theses capsules are used best with the self-cleaning cycle of your machine if it is equipped with one.


Another trick is to always use the right cycle depending on the type of clothes you are washing. For example, if you’re washing a bunch of very dirty white clothes, using the delicate cycle may not be appropriate, as your clothes will probably not be cleaned thoroughly. Some models are also equipped with extra rinse or prewash options while others let you specify the level of dirt present on your clothes.


The good news is that even when you select the heavier cycles on your front-load washing machine, energy consumption will be far less important than what top-load washing machines normally consume.


If you have recently changed your habits and you still seem to think something is wrong with your washing machine, be sure to give us a call here at Rosedale Service for prompt washing machine service in Chadds Ford.