This is an issue that a lot of freezer owners come across in the useful lifetime of their appliance. While it is not the most noticeable issue, it is one that can cause bad surprises if it is not resolved quickly. You should think that something is up if the food in your freezer does not seem to be frozen to the same degree and if some items are warmer than others. Don’t just wait until the situation resolves itself, because it might never do. To help you get started, our appliance repair company in Chadds Ford has prepared a couple of tips you can follow to try to remedy the issue yourself before resorting to a technician.

Check the Fans
Air should be blowing inside the freezer, as it needs to move to keep the temperature constant in the unit. If the freezer is stacked up, the temperature issue might be caused by a restriction of air circulation. You should thaw a couple of things and make a nice dinner.
Feel the Frost!
Along the inside edges, you may notice a buildup of frost. While it may look nice, it can cause some problems in your unit like blocking your coils, which could be affecting the temperature of your unit. You should consider performing a manual defrost if you have never done so in the past.
Listen for the Sound of the Compressor
The compressor is what causes the humming sound so specific to a refrigerator and freezer. If you can’t hear anything, you have a serious problem on your hands and you need to phone a technician right away.
Inspect for Damaged Parts
Your unit could be malfunctioning because the door is not sealed properly. Run your hand across and around the closed door to feel for cold air. If you feel anything, it means that there is a hole somewhere and you will need to change your door gasket, which can be done pretty easily.
If you have tried all of the above and nothing seems to make your freezer unit cooler, it is time to seek the help of a professional. If you are in need of freezer service in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, give Rosedale Service a call today.