This post is to help you resolve common issues that arise in microwaves and is provided by Rosedale Service, an appliance repair company in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Be sure to call them up if you don’t find your problem listed below or if you need appliance service in Pennsylvania.




Loud Noises
The underlying cause is a damaged/worn out magnetron tube. Though the microwave is not dangerous to use because of this, that tube should still be changed promptly. Refer to your instruction manual for specifics.


No movement

The turntable motor is likely dead. This problem is not uncommon, and replacing the motor in a microwave is not something too complicated. Instructions for your personal microwave can be found in the user manual.


No heat
This problem can be caused by a number of factors. However, it is mostly due to a defective piece inside the microwave causing the electric circuit to fault. As finding the right piece to repair or change can often be costly and long, buying a new microwave is usually cheaper.


No light
The light bulb and/or socket probably need to be changed. Start by removing the outer cover and changing the light bulb, only moving to the socket if changing the bulb does not solve the issue. If changing both still doesn’t do it, you’ll need assistance from a technician.


These problems are among the most common issues faced by microwave owners. If you still have questions or if the issue you are facing is not listed in this article, be sure to give a call to Rosedale Service. With friendly and efficient customer service, they will make sure to address your concerns in the best way possible. You should also check them out if you need an appliance servicer in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.