Along with your oven, your refrigerator is among the most important home appliances, which is why you want to make sure it is running correctly. Not only does a refrigerator consume a lot of energy, but it can also turn into a money pit if it is not well maintained. To avoid nasty surprises, Rosedale Service, a refrigerator specialist in Pennsylvania, has outlined a couple of tips you can follow to keep your fridge in shape. Be sure to ring them up if things get out of hands.

Cleaning the Fans
Over time, dust accumulates in the fans, causing it to work more to achieve the same results. Giving your fans a good clean every once in a while will keep them working in an optimal manner.
Checking the level
This might sound strange, but you need to make sure you refrigerator is straight every once in a while. An imbalanced refrigeration unit can result in involuntary door opening or prevent your door from closing properly, potentially spoiling your food.
Making sure the temperature is set right
A refrigerator should always be between 36 and 38. If that’s not the case, you should make sure you adjust it to prevent your produce from freezing or developing excessive bacteria.
Cleaning the Drain Hole and Drip Pan 
These two parts help to control the condensation in your unit and prevents excessive condensation, which looks like a lead and is quite annoying. To avoid problems and moisture, make sure these two parts are kept clean.
Doing the following checkup every once in a while will ensure your refrigerator is always running at the top of his game. If you have any issue with your refrigerator or if you need a refrigerator technician in Franklin Park, Illinois, be sure to give a call up Platinum Cares right away. Platinum Cares also recommends performing an extensive preventative maintenance every once in a while. Be sure to check out Rosedale Service’s website for the best appliance preventative maintenance service in Chadds Ford.