The oven is among the most solicited appliances in the house, and is used daily to cook a wide variety of meal. Unfortunately, very few owners give their oven the good clean it deserves, except maybe once a year. This bad habit can lead to nasty results, as food residues and grease tend to stick to the wall and the racks and can quickly become a pain to clean once you get to it. Today’s article will focus on cleaning the racks in your oven. Give Rosedale Service a call if you need oven service in Chadds Ford.


While there are numerous cleaning products available out there, a lot of them have high concentrations of chemical products, making them potentially hazardous for your health, not mentioning the environment. A safer option is to get the same cleaning products you would use on walls before painting them. Simply follow the proportion instructions with water and let the racks soak in for a while. Once you take them out, they will be very easy to clean.


You also have the option to use simple soapy water and sinking your racks for a few hours for great results. Additionally, this option does not require you to make an extra purchase, as you should always have dishwashing detergent handy. Once the racks are ready, just clean them with a non-abrasive brush and they will look like new!


That being said, it will be a lot easier to clean your oven racks ? and your whole oven for that matter! ? if you do it every once in a while instead of waiting a long time before performing a thorough cleaning of your stove. If your oven is equipped with a self-cleaning function, using it while the racks are soaking would be a good idea.


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