Does that label of that brand new shirt itch the back of your neck? Even if it is tempting, you might want to avoid cutting it off at first, because it contains a lot of useful instructions. However, clothes labels are sometimes hard to decipher because they only display symbols. Fortunately, you can count on Rosedale Service, a washer and dryer specialist in Chadds Ford, to help you sort it all out. Be sure to give them a call if you have any question or if you’re experiencing issues with your washing or drying machine.



This symbol refers to bleaching instructions. If you see a white triangle, you can use any bleaching product you need. A white triangle with black stripes means you can use non-chlorine bleaching agents. Finally, an X-crossed, full dark triangle means that you should avoid any bleaching agent.



This refers to drying instructions. There are a lot of possibilities there, and instructions will usually be written underneath. Basically, if you see an X-crossed square containing a circle, don’t put your clothes in your dryer. A white square containing a black circle means that you can use the dryer, but no heat. If you find a white square containing a white circle and a dot, look underneath for specific instructions.


“Glass of Water”

This symbol, of course, refers to washing instructions. Written instructions are usually also provided on your label, because just like drying instructions, there are a lot of possibilities.


Some labels may include additional instructions such as “wash with similar colors” or ironing instructions. Additionally, almost all clothes label will give the specifics of the fabric(s) of the piece of clothing.


If you run across washing or drying instructions that you don’t know how to decipher, be sure to get in touch with Rosedale Service today. With their team of certified appliance technicians in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, they will make sure to kindly answer any question you have on your clothes or your home appliances. You can also check out their website for additional information or to book an appointment for preventative maintenance appliance service.