Dishwashing machines are found in most homes in the States. They’re very convenient for saving time. That being said, you might think dishes are not as clean when you put them in the dishwasher as opposed to when you wash them by hand. This might be because your dishwasher is not loaded properly. Rosedale Serviceexplains how to load a dishwasher properly. Be sure to call them if you have any question or if you need assistance from an appliance repair company in Chadds Ford.


1. Position
Plastic contents should always be on the top rack only. When washing plastic dishes, the economy cycle should be used at all times. Also, breakables should never be laying on metal cutlery, as sharp surfaces could scratch or chip your dishes. Bowls should be laid face down on the rack. Place knives with blade pointing down. The cutlery should be mixed and not separated into sections (i.e. all the spoons together). Finally, large items should not hinder the rotating arm from moving freely on the bottom rack.


2. Space
Ensure that breakable items are separated enough so that they will not touch during the washing cycle, which causes dishes to vibrate. Insufficient spacing will block the flow of water and detergent on certain surfaces.


Optimal dishwasher loading tips may vary from model to model. Should you need any advice on how to load your dishwasher, be sure to call Rosedale Service for tips and tricks. You can also give them a call if you need a dishwasher technician in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.