Whether it is for your car, your own body health or your appliances, prevention is always the key to insure proper functioning. When it comes to home appliances, performing a preventive maintenance regularly can substantially help increase their lifespan. This article focuses on performing a general preventive maintenance on a Kenmore washer.

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  1. Level of machine

Washing clothes in an uneven machine can result in damaging parts of the washer. Try pressing on the top of the machine. If the machine remains stable, it is level adequately.


  1. Fill cycle and water temperature

The wrong water temperature could potentially ruin some of your clothes. Every once in a while, make sure the temperature you select is actually set by the machine. Also check to see if there is sufficient water for the load size you ask for.


  1. Vibrations and noise during spin cycle

Make sure the washer is not moving excessively during cycle. If it is the case, you may have overloaded your washer. Listen to the noise your washer makes during the spin cycle to make everything is normal.


  1. Check fill and drain hoses for proper connection

Over time, washers hoses can become loose. Be sure to check them once in a while and tighten them if necessary.

Taking a few minutes of your time once in a while to perform preventive maintenance on your appliances is a smart move that is likely to increase the length of their optimal functioning. If you need further assistance with your Kenmore appliances, get in touch with Rosedale Services, as they employ a highly qualified team and will answer all your questions in a friendly and professional manner. You can also visit their website for any additional information on the services they offer or to book an appointment.