You bought your appliances a few years ago when you move in your first home. Your refrigerator now needs to be changed. You start shopping and you are very interested to buy a stainless steel refrigerator, which is more modern. However, all your other appliances in your kitchen are white. Would it look weird to have only one appliance in stainless steel in the kitchen? Well, having different finish on appliances that are in the same room would definitely be strange, but is it really important? Read more about it in the following article.


Your refrigerator is the first appliance you need to change, but how old are the other? Even if they are still well running, if your oven and dishwasher have between 8 to 10 years, they might don’t last that long. You will probably change them soon. Therefore, you should definitely take the opportunity to change all your kitchen appliances and get matching ones. Also, the seller can make you a good price if you buy more than one appliance. Furthermore, there is often promotion if you buy the same brand for all your appliances.


If your other appliances are young and don’t need to be changed, choosing your refrigerator in another finish is really a question of preference. If the design of your kitchen it’s important for you, you should choose a refrigerator that has the same finish. You don’t necessarily need to buy the same brand of appliance. You only need to choose the same finish, which are quite similar in all brands.



Before changing your refrigerator, did you consider repairing it? Rosedale Service, an appliancerepair specialist in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, is there to help you. Even if you decide to change your refrigeratorgive us a call and we will guide you in your buying process.