The summer is over and the cold temperature of the winter is coming. You have prepared your plants in the backyard to protect them from the snow, your patio set is stored and you cleaned your winter coats. What about your appliance? For example, the ones using water, like a washing machine or a dishwasher, need to be well maintained to prevent frozen pipes when the temperature will go down outside. Simple solutions can be put in place to prevent frozen pipes and therefore, avoid paying a repairman to fix it. Indeed, a frozen pipe can cause damages to your appliance and you won’t be able to use it until the pipe defrosts. Here are tips to help you prevent frozen pipes during winter:


  • Washing machine is usually in the basement. Even if you don’t go there often, you should keep the temperature around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The room will be cold but not enough to have frozen pipe. If you are going on vacation or if you leave for the weekend, don’t close the heating system. Just leave the thermostat at a lower temperature, but over the frozen point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • If there is no heating system in the room of your appliance, add a portable heater in the room.


  • If your pipe is exposed, you can add an insulation material around it, like foam. All homeappliance stores sell them pre-cut at the right dimension. Otherwise, you can use an electric heat tape.


  • Use your washing machine often. Since water is moving, it will prevent it from freezing.



If you apply these tips, you should prevent frozen pipes. Another recommendation is to cover your hot water tank with an insulating cover. More over if the tank is in the garage. You will spend less energy to heat the water. Voila! You are ready for the winter months! Remember that if you need help with one of your applianceRosedale Service, an appliance repair service in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, is there for you! Give them a call!!