We all know that appliance repair service calls can be expensive. Before doing so, you should attempt to fix the problem yourself. In some occasions, you might think that your dryer is broken but it could be fixed very quickly. We’ve pointed out a few useful tips on how to do general maintenanceon it. If that doesn’t work, Rosedale Service can help.
How does a dryer work?

The basic is that large empty drum rotates and with the help of hot air, the wet clothes dry up in a given period of time. The drum rotates with the force of the motor, pulleys and belts. The movement of the drum shifts clothes around and the heating element located in the back generates heat to make the water in the clothes evaporate within a little less than an hour.

Cycles and temperature settings can be selected using the dryer control panel. It varies depending on the type of clothes you are drying.

As for preventive maintenance?
Empty the lint trap

Most possible cause of problem with dryers is the lint trap that is not emptied out often enough. Lint accumulates in the trap over time and if it’s not cleaned, it blocks and it can cause the engine to overheat. You have to empty that filter after 2-3 loads.
Inspect the door gasket

cracked or damaged door gasket will cause the door not to close completely. Check the door gasket every few months. If the door doesn’t close as well it should, the heating element can overheat.
Avoid overloading

Even if you think you will save time and money, you should never over-fill a dryer. Overloading can permanently damage the dryer because the drum rotation can be impacted if clothes are too heavy.  Gravity causes clothes to shift around the dryer and they will separate easier when the dryer is not too overloaded.


Check the hose

If it’s plastic, it can crack over time. It is important to make sure it is not damaged. We recommend replacing plastic for metal.


Clean the vent

Lint will also be found in the hose dryer and the vent on the outside of your house. It is recommended to check it every 6 months!
Before calling us if all the steps stated above check out, try to reset the dryer.

If you think the problem is coming from the motor or electrical system, resetting the unit can fix your dryer. Read the owner’s manual to find out how to reset the unit as it is different for each model!


Try all these steps before calling us. Rosedale Service is always there to help and we like giving you tips and tricks before sending someone. However, if you still have the same problem, give us a call! Our certified appliance repair technicians will fix any major problem with your appliances. They are fast and reliable.