When you purchase a washing machine, you may wonder what all these functions are for. Today, Rosedale Service, an appliance servicer in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, is taking the time to answer this question by outlining the different options that are available on your washing machine. Be sure to get in touch with them if you have any question.


First, you need to know that front-loading and top-loading machines are different and offer different possibilities and that you can always look up in your instruction manual for further explanations or if one of your cycles is not listed in this article.



When you select the “Delicate” cycle, your clothes are washed slowly and sofly, in cold water. As the name states, it is a delicate wash. You might find it under the name “Wool” or “Light Wash”. Use this if you need to wash clothes whose fabric is fragile. That being said, bear in mind that the your clothes will not be washed as thoroughly as with other cycles.


Normal (also called Linen, Cotton or Regular)

The normal cycle is used in most cases and by most people. Cotton clothes, blankets, jeans and linen can be washed with the normal cycle. This cycle is pretty efficient and will usually work even for deeper stains. You might find it under the name “Regular” or “Cotton.


Casual Permanent Press (also called Casual)

Let’s just say that the Casual cycle could be placed in between Delicate and Normal cycles. While having more agitation than the delicate cycle, it spins at a slower pace than the normal cycle. Because of the slow spin, less water is drained out at the end, which means your clothes will be less prone to wrinkles. This can be an interesting option to wash work clothes. You might find it under the name Permanent Press.


Some washing machines are equipped with more cycles, such as the speed wash, which allows you to wash your clothes more quickly, but not as thoroughly, and the heavy duty, which requires more time, but cleans your clothes extensively.

If you have any question regarding the cycles on your washing machine or if you need a washing machine technician in Chadds Ford, be sure to get in touch with Rosedale Service today for prompt and affordable service.