Sub-Zero is a recognized brand that offers a wide range of wine cellarsrefrigerators, and other refrigeration products. They make refrigerators with an integrated icemaker, which can defective at times. That is why Rosedale Service, a home and commercial appliance repair company, has prepared the following article to help you troubleshoot your Sub-Zero icemaker. Some of these tips can also be used to troubleshoot other brands of icemakers.


  1. No ice comes out

Make sure the refrigerator is on, the water supply is connected, and the ice bucket is in position.


  1. The ice freezes and clumps together

After a long time of not being used, the ice tends to fuse together. You can simply discard it and let the icemaker do its job again.


  1. Ice tastes weird and has a strange color

Sub-Zero icemakers have an integrated water filtration system, but some icemakers don’t. In that case, the filtration at home might be faulty and you should contact a plumber.


  1. Device produces very little ice

An icemaker usually produces about eight cubes of ice every two hours.


If you don’t see your issue listed above, you should get in touch with Rosedale Service right away. Their highly qualified appliance repair technicians will book an appointment promptly to go check the problemout. All of their technicians are factory-trained and undergo regular new training to stay on top of new technology. If you have any question regarding your icemaker or any home appliance, be sure to give Rosedale Service a call. Your issue will be resolved with dynamic and kind customer service.