Whether you have an induction ceramic stove or a standard electric ceramic stove, having a flat stove is very convenient. It prevents debris from falling under the elements and thus burning when you turn them on. Let’s be honest: they also look very nice in general, less so when they’re dirty. However, they are different ways to clean your stove. Some are good while other are bad. This is why our stove repair company in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, wants to tell you how to clean your ceramic stove properly. There are a few different methods.


Using baking soda and vinegar


Ecological and cheap, this cleaning method involves using the chemical reaction that occurs when you mix vinegar with baking soda. Start by sprinkling baking soda on your stove and spray it. Then spray vinegar on your stove. Once everything starts foaming, wipe it clean with a towel paper or a rag, making circle motions. Then, wipe everything clean with a damp cloth. This will leave you stove shining.


Standard cleaning


Use a half-half mix of hot water and soap, spray it on your stovetop, leave it there for a few minutes and wipe it clean. While this will not get rid of stubborn stains, it will definitely take care of debris that accumulate when you cook.


Getting rid of stubborn stains


When there’s a stubborn stain on your stove, you should proceed very cautiously, because you can scratch your surface if you press too hard on it or if you use an abrasive sponge. There are actually a lot of cleaning products available on the market specifically designed for ceramic stovetops. Be sure to refer to your instruction manual for specifics on what products and cleaning material is fit for your unit.


While having a ceramic stovetop is very convenient, it isn’t much so if it breaks down. If you notice that your unit has not been working properly lately, be sure to get in touch with Rosedale Service today if you need a stove cervicer in Chadds Ford. You can also get in touch with us if you have issues with any of your other home appliances.