Most ovens today are now equipped with a self-cleaning function, which reduces the time required to clean them. Even if this function is fairly easy to use, not many people take advantage of it. Indeed, most people seldom clean their oven, which makes accumulated debris and grease harder to remove when they finally do so. Rosedale Service has prepared the following method to help you clean your self-cleaning oven. By following this procedure, you will be able to optimize the usage of the self-cleaning function. Be sure to call Rosedale Service if you have any question regarding self-cleaning ovens or if you need an appliance servicer in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.



Start the self-cleaning function

The button can usually be found on the bottom of your oven. Before you activate it, remove all the racks. Not doing so may result in damage due to high temperature. The self-cleaning cycle will take about three hours. In the meantime, why not clean your oven racks?


Remove the burned food and greases

Once the cycle is complete, allow the oven to cool down before you do anything. When you open the oven, you will notice a white powder, which is burnt food and grease residue. Use a nonabrasive brush to wipe it off. If the oven still seems dirty, use soapy water to complete the cleaning.


Clean the oven glass

The self-cleaning might remove most of the grease and oil on the oven glass, but you still have to wash it. First, scrub the glass with a hot, damp cloth to remove stains and debris. Then, prepare a paste by mixing 1 cup of baking soda and ½ cup of hot water. Apply the paste evenly on the glass and wait 15 minutes. Spray the glass with a mix of vinegar and water and wait another 15 minutes. Finally, wipe the glass for a last time and you are done!


Keeping your oven clean is a good habit to get into. Debris should be removed after each use. This way, your oven will stay clean for a more long time and you will not have to do the self-cleaning often. Remember that you can call Rosedale Service if you have any question regarding self-cleaning ovens or any of your home appliances. You can also trust Rosedale Service for good appliance service in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Visit their website today for more information.