Buying a washer is always a costly purchase, even when they are on sale, which is why you want your washing machine, or any other home appliance for that matter, to last you for many years. Sometimes we need to wash a lot of clothes in a short period of time and we forget that they are things you simply cannot do in regards to your washing machine. To help you avoid them, Rosedale Service, an appliance servicer in Chadds Ford, has prepared a list of classic mistakes people do and how to avoid them.


Leaving Your Pockets Full

This is the most common mistake of all. While a few pennies will not cause damage to your machine, but what about a pen? You might be in for a very unpleasant surprise when you find out all of your favorite shirts are ruined because of ink. Not only that, that ink can also cause damage to your machine. Be sure to always empty your pockets before every washing cycle.


Overloading Your Machine with Detergent

Believe us, using very liberal amounts of detergent won’t get that stain off better. Use a little bit of bleach if possible or get it cleaned at the dry cleaner. Using too much detergent is bad, because not only can it cause premature wearing to your machine, it can also make your shirts stiffer. When using detergent, less is usually better than more, especially with strong brands.


Leaving Your Machine Dirty

While it may be hard to picture a washer being dirty, it happens. Especially with the dispensers. There are the little holes in which you put your softener and detergent. Be sure to give them a good clean after every wash to avoid accumulation and clogging, just as you need to clean the lint out of your dryer after every drying cycle.


Making sure you don’t make these mistakes will not only extend the effective life of your appliance, it will also help to keep your clothes in the best shape possible. Be sure to give Rosedale Service a call if you need appliance service in Chadds Ford. We will make sure everything is up and running in no time.