If you are in the market for a new washer, you may be hesitating between purchasing a front-loading and a top-loading machine, as both types can be a better choice depending on your situation and personal needs. Rosedale Service has prepared the following article to give you more information on washers. Rosedale is an appliance repair company in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania and specializes in all major home appliances, including washers, with which they deal every day. Here are the general differences between front-loading and top-loading models.


  1. Front-loading washer

Front-loading washing machines are more efficient and quieter than top-loading machines. They use less water, detergent and energy. Furthermore, a lot of models are stackable with a dryer, which means they take up less space. Clothes also tend to be washed more thoroughly with this type of washing machine. Front-loading washing machines require high-efficiency soap. However, front-loading washers are a lot more expansive to buy up front, though they help to save money in the long run. Prices usually start at 700$. Also, loading and unloading this type of washer requires crouching, which can be inconvenient for some people.


  1. Top-loading washer

Top-loading washers are more popular than front-loading washers. This is mainly because they cost way less money. Prices usually range from 300$ to 650$ dollars. They also wash clothes a lot faster than most front-loading machines. Moreover, clothes are more easily handled with this type of machine, as users do not have to bend as much to load or unload them. However, this type of washing machine consumes more water and energy.  They also make a lot more noise. They also take up more space, as they cannot be stacked with a dryer. An interesting option is a high-efficiency top-loading machine. This type of top-loading machine consumes less energy, is equipped with a larger washtub and contains no agitator. However, they are more expensive than standard top-loading washers, with price usually starting at 600$.


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