If you’ve been to an appliance store lately, you may have noticed a bunch of washing machines labelled High Efficiency without really knowing what it means. However, it’s a technology that has gained popularity over the last few years, mainly because HE washing machines help you save money and are good for the environment. Even so, are they worth the extra hundred dollars you need to shell out to get them? That’s what this article prepared by our appliance repair company in Chadds Ford will attempt to answer. Note that the pros and cons listed below are applicable to top-load and front-load models alike.


First, let’s look at the perks of High Efficiency washing machines. Leaving aside appealing design, shape and model, here’s what my tip the scale in favor or purchasing a High Efficiency washing machine:


The effect on your clothes

HE models tend to perform higher quality cleaning, which means that the wash is not as hard on your clothes’ fabrics as a standard wash in a traditional washing machine.


Water and Detergent Usage

Less water, less soap, same results. That’s the main reason why they’re called High Efficiency. In the long run, having a HE washer can help you save money on utilities’ bills and detergent, even if the latter can cost a bit more than standard soap.


Those are the main perks you’re looking at when you get a HE washing machine. There are also a few setbacks:


Longer cycles

HE washing machines take more time to clean your clothes, specifically because they use up less water and soap. Expect at least 75 minutes for a front load and an hour for a top-loading model.


The depth of the wash

Because they require less energy, they might not clean very dirty clothes as thoroughly as a standard washing machine would do. Of course, this depends on the cycle you select as well as the model you purchase.


As you can see, there are pros and cons to having a High Efficiency washer. In the end, you need to establish your priorities and choose accordingly. If you have a washing machine that is giving you trouble and you need appliance service in Chadds Ford, give a call to Rosedale Service today.