As a factory-certified Whirlpool specialist in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, Rosedale Service is always on the lookout for new appliances and technology released by this company. This is because Rosedale Service thrives to let their clients know about new developments in the field of technology. Today’s article will focus on Whirlpool’s new dryer.


Whirlpool is a company that is always breaking away from the pack, and after being among the firsts in the industry to introduce an electric dryer, Whirlpool once again demonstrates that they are ahead of their time with their new hybrid heat pump dryer, which optimizes the energy you consume to dry your clothes by incorporating censors, which means you never use more energy than you need to. In time, that will save you tons of money on energy bills.


Using the HybridCare technology, the dryer has no vent, which means you can install it more easily than a standard dryer. The sensors it automatically dictate the temperature at which the air will be heated throughout the cycle.


Moreover, the HybridCare dryer includes different modes than can be used depending on your specific needs. For instance, you can focus on saving energy by using the “eco-mode”, which will ensure the best energy usage to avoid waste. If your concern is saving time rather than energy, you can opt for the “speed mode”, which will make the dryer work more quickly. Finally, if you the best combination between environmentally friendly and efficient, the “balance mode” is the best option to go for and allows you to get the best from both worlds.


To find out more about this fascinating technology, be sure to check out Whirlpool’s website to see if it would be a right choice for you. Moreover, if you notice that one of your Whirlpool home appliances is not working properly, be sure to call up Rosedale Service for the best appliance care in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. They will make sure that any issue you have is resolved quickly and at a fair price.